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Famous churches in Naples, Italy

 Famous churches in Naples, Italy

Famous churches in Naples, Italy

There are countless different reasons why people decide to visit a city in particular since not everyone who decides to go on a trip does it for the same reasons as someone else. If you during your holidays you like to travel to cities where you can find beautiful churches, you should pay a visit to Naples, in the south of Italy. Apart from being an overall gorgeous and interesting city, there are some very famous churches in Naples, Italy, that you absolutely have to see for yourself.


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Santa Maria del Carmine

Among the most famous churches in Naples, Italy, you can find the Santa Maria del Carmine which is located in Piazza Mercato. Although this church was founded in the 13th century, it is believed that its first version started being built during the 8th century. Despite the fact it was built all those years ago, this church, which has an impressive 75–meter bell tower, is still in use today. Inside, visitors can find different decorations in baroque style as well as various antique chapels.


Santa Chiara

One of the most beautiful and most famous churches in Naples, Italy, is Santa Chiara, which is part of a religious complex that has the same name. Although it was built during the 14th century in the Provençal-Gothic style, it was redecorated during the 17th century to make it Baroque. However, during World War II, part of it was destroyed and it was rebuilt to its original Provençal-Gothic style. In its beautiful interior, you will find the tombs of King Robert of Anjou and Francis II, who was the Bourbon king of Naples.


San Domenico Maggiore

Another church in Naples that deserves your attention is San Domenico Maggiore, which can be found in a square that has the same name close to Spaccanapoli, one of the most famous streets in the city. The San Domenico Maggiore church was finished during the 14th century and it has a great mixture of Baroque and Gothic styles. Inside you can find the burials of Ferdinand I of Naples, Isabella of Aragon, Ferdinand II of Naples, and Bishop Richard Luke Concanen.


Gesù Nuovo

For more famous churches in Naples, Italy, you will have to go to the Gesù Nuovo square which is one of the most popular in the city. There you will have the opportunity of visiting the Gesù Nuovo church with its incredible Baroque style which was completed in 1750. As well as various beautiful chapels, once you find yourself inside the church you will be able to take a look at frescoes by various important Italian painters such as Belisario Corenzio, Paolo de Matteis and Francesco Solimena.


Cappella Sansevero

While taking a walk around the magnificent historic center of the city, don’t miss the chance to visit the Cappella Sansevero. It was founded in 1590 and it has become one of the most important churches in the whole of Naples. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire over 30 pieces of art such as sculptures and paintings. But if there is one masterpiece in particular that makes thousands of tourists want to visit this church every year that is the Cristo Velato, a sculpture completed in 1753 by Giuseppe Sanmartino.


San Pietro Martire church

Very close to one of the main buildings of the University of Naples you will come across the San Pietro Martire church which started being built in 1294. This Baroque church has many paintings in its interior by Italian artists such as Fabrizio Santafede, Solimena, and Giuseppe Marullo as well as some chapels which are worth taking a good look at. But, apart from that, visitors can find some ancient tomb monuments dedicated to various members of the court of King Ladislaus of Naples.


San Gennaro extra Moenia church

Last, but not least, the San Gennaro extra Moenia church, which is located along the large road that takes to another amazing sight in the city, the Capodimonte museum, is another church you must visit during your stay. It is connected to the Catacombs of San Gennaro and, although its interior is not in the best possible conditions, you will breathe in its history as soon as you walk in thanks to various frescoes from many centuries ago.

But there are many other things worth checking out in Naples apart from some amazing churches which will make your trip to the city an incredible experience. From beautiful squares to dozens of restaurants where you can try out some of the most delicious and traditional dishes from the area.



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