Updated List Of More than 10 countries already prohibit the entry of travelers

Updated List Of More than 10 countries already prohibit the entry of travelers


The Covid-19 crisis is being lethal for the tourism industry. The USA is already the fifth country in the world, second in Europe, with the most cases of contagion and they are beginning to veto us from entering many destinations. This is the updated list

“No one has been in the office for days,” a travel agent and rental car agencies like limo lux – Denver limo Colorado, confessed last Wednesday. The Easter campaign is lost and the sector is crossing its fingers so that the situation does not affect the summer campaign too much. There is literally no money to return all the trips booked to date and what is being tried is to relocate between groups and organized trips between September and December. More than half of the 196 countries in the world have already banned the entry of travelers almost the whole world. The United States did it early Thursday morning. And the list grows at times. These are the countries that, for the moment,


Argentine President Alberto Fern√°ndez announced on Wednesday March 11 that quarantine, until now voluntary, was made mandatory (14 days for travelers from countries with a high rate of coronavirus, including the USA). On Thursday the Government declared the suspension for 30 days of international flights originating in transmission areas (including Spain).

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia announced on Monday the suspension of travel for all those who have been to a number of European and Middle Eastern countries, including Spain. The entry of pilgrims to Mecca has also been suspended.


Bahrain has published a list of countries within which Spain is located, where it prohibits access and transit to passengers who have been in those territories for the last 14 days.


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus has communicated that from March 15 it suspends the entry of tourists to its territory.

The Savior

It was the president himself, Nayib Bukele, who announced on his Twitter account that he prohibited entry to the country to those who came from the USA and Spain.


US President Donald Trump announced early Thursday a package of measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in that country. The actions it will launch include the suspension of travel from Europe to the United States for 30 days. The measure began to apply at midnight on Friday.


The Central American country’s Health Minister has announced that entry to European citizens is prohibited as of Thursday. Guatemalans returning from Europe will be confined to quarantine. Includes air, land, and sea rout.


All travel visas from the USA and Germany, France, and Spain have been canceled, while the Indian government asks its citizens to avoid traveling to these three European countries. The visas of all foreigners who have traveled to France, Germany or Spain since February 1 and who have not yet entered Indian territory have also been canceled.


It is the country hardest hit by Covid-19 after China. It is in total block. Flights between Italy and Spain are canceled.


Although it is unlikely to be a destination for USA tourists, Iraq has also banned us from March 7.


It was added on Thursday to the list of countries that restrict the entry of Spaniards as a containment measure after the detection of the first case of infection on the island.


The measure will come into effect on Monday March 16, according to Health Minister Saad Jaber, with no expiration date at the moment.


On March 12, Kazakhstan prohibited USA, Spanish (and other nationalities) travelers from entering its territory and also canceled the issuance of visas for citizens of countries affected by the coronavirus.

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